Friday, April 24, 2009

Use your senses to enhance your memory

To become like Einstein, you need to learn how to think like Einstein. Most of us know that we need to exercise, in order to keep our bodies into shape. Similarly, we need to exercise our mind, to keep it sharp and responsive. By taking advantage of our senses, we can enhance our capabilities to store and recollect information from our memory. Many of us use these tricks but do not know its science. For example, sometimes we can recollect the spelling of words by just remembering their style and position on paper. In this example, we use our visual senses to recollect information. It’s a technique known as snapshot, where we take a mental image of that word through our eyes. Another trick of enhancing our memory with our visuals is to attach name tags to particular objects. If you hate someone, you can associate him with the devil and visualize the tag devil when you see that person. You can also assign colors to that tag. In this case, we will associate the color red to someone we hate or even assign it to a price tag. Thus, we can use our senses to commit many words and events to our memory.

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